“We have all seen examples of God’s most wonderful creature, the person, whether in a government bureau, a business, or a private development agency, who is inspired to give generously of himself, to go beyond the mechanical requirements of a task.

Such men and women, paid or unpaid, express the spirit of the volunteer, literally the will to make a product better, a school the best, a clinic more compassionate and effective. Their spirit, generating new ideas, resisting discouragement, and demanding results, animates the heart of every effective society.

I submit that one of our great goals, if we are to create an enabling environment of hope and determination, is to give our volunteers opportunities to become more expert and professional – more rational and skilled, without killing their passion.”

Mawlana Hazar Imam
Enabling Environment Conference
Nairobi, Kenya
October 21, 1986

“There are those in life who stand at the starting line of a marathon with the intent simply to “get through it.” Then, there is a more rare breed — those who want to excel, get to the finish line in record time. That is the mentality of the truly successful. Changing your mindset and focus from simply completing a project, goal or objective to completing with an unmatched level of excellence is what will catapult you from the ordinary to the extraordinary.”

Harry Truman


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