The Imam is born…
O heavens, rejoice!
O earth, bedeck
Yourself and sing!



Today is the ‘id…
O daisies, open!
Diffuse your sweet
Fragrance and celebrate!



The clouds disperse…
O sun, irradiate!
Unveil your beauty and spread it abroad!



The sky is clear…
O lovers, come!
Prepare a feast for
His noble birthday!

Author: Ismai’il Adra

Born in 1927, Isma’il Adra received his early education at Salamiyya, Syria, before proceeding to study Arabic language and literature at Damascus University and embarking on a life-long career in teaching. He started writing poetry in his youth and several of his poems have appeared in Arabic journals and newspapers. He also wrote short stories and articles on Muslim philosophy and Ismailism. Isma’il Adra died in 1981. The above poem is from al-Anashid al-diniyya (Salamiyya, Syria, 1973)

Source: Shimmering Light; An Anthology of Ismaili Poetry translated by F.M Hunzai (London: I.B Taurus in association with The Institute of Ismaili Studies, 1996)


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