Salgirah Mubarak greetings from

A wonderful poem and Khushiyali Mubarak greetings posted at Nina Jaffer’s Ismaili Web

A life . beyond limitations

Today is the birthday
Not ours, someone else’s
But celebrating more festively than our own


Today’s birthday
Is an event
For millions of people
Beyond the boundaries of
Countries and continents


Our birthday, like that of many others’
Is simply another party
For us, our families, our friends,
And may be some of our neighbours
Not beyond that
As, we live confined for our own selves
At the best, we live for our families
Not beyond that


There are a few
Who cross the limits of self and family
And live for
Their village, their community, their country
And beyond


Those few also
Stop somewhere
Requiring even farther vision


Those few having vision also
Stop somewhere
Requiring even stronger capacity


Those few having capacity also
Stop somewhere
Requiring even firmer commitment


Those few having commitment also
Stop somewhere
Requiring even deeper passion


Those few having all
Vision, capacity, commitment and passion also
Experience some limitation
Requiring divine blessing, that is
Transcended upon only the rarest chosen


Today is the birthday of
One such rarest embodiment
His Highness
The Aga Khan IV
Karim Al Hussaini Shah
The 49th hereditary Imam of
Shi’a Imami Ismaili Muslims


His ‘highness’ raises
Not from his wealth
But from his depth


Depth of his heart
For the millions of underprivileged
In developing nations


Depth of his thoughts
For oneness of human civil society
Yet encompassing pluralistic faiths and cultures


Depth of his belief
In health and education
As the foundation stones
Towards architecting
Good human beings and
Self-helping humane communities


We see
– Him
As a personification of compassion
– His preaching
As an ignition of inspiration
– His life
As a journey dedicated for a purpose


On this birthday of Mowlana Hazar Imam
We greet, wish and pray
For his long, happy and accomplishing life
Sowing many a seed
Planting many a tree
Touching many a heart
Kindling many a hope
Enlightening many a soul
And beyond!

Rao, AKHS, Tj, Khorog
13 December 2005
Birthday of His Highness

Ismaili Web


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