Explanation of Ethics – Ethic of Compassion and Sharing

What are ethics?

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Ethic of compassion and sharing

Islam urges the care of the weak and the restraint of the rich and powerful in their conduct. Scriptural tradition regards wealth as a blessing, and its honest creation one’s duty for it can aid the general welfare of society. Charity is not just sharing one’s material wealth. Generosity with one’s intellectual, spiritual, material or physical resources is highly commended. The ethic of voluntary service is, thus, a strongly marked trait of Muslim tradition.

AKDN An ethical Framework (IIS London)

“Philanthropy and charitable giving hold a very central place in the teachings of the Holy Quran, the writings of Islamic teachers, and the history of Muslims in all parts and all cultures of the Islamic World…Religion and generosity – the gifts of time, of funds, and of material – have been closely linked throughout human history… Charitable support for the poor and for the victim of disasters has an equally long and widespread history.”

— Mawlana Hazar Imam, Conference on Indigenous Philanthropy, Islamabad, Pakistan, October 17, 2000

“In exercising freedom and making our choices, our institutions must be guided, as they have been in the past, by the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace of Allah be upon him), and the tradition of our tariqah, which is the tradition of Hazrat Ali: a thinking Islam and a spiritual Islam: an Islam that teaches compassion, tolerance and the dignity of man, Allah’s noblest creation.”

— Mawlana Hazar Imam, May 14, 1992

Kind words

And the covering of faults

Are better than charity

Followed by injury.

God is Free of all wants,

And He is most Forbearing.

The Holy Quran 2:263

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