Explanation of Ethics – Ethic of Respect for Life and Health Care

What are ethics?

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Ethic of Respect for Life and Health Care

As the care of the poor, the care of the sick and disabled is a frequently articulated duty. Good health, like knowledge, is a divine gift, says the Quran, which forcefully urges the sanctity of human life, equating the saving of life to the saving of the entirety of humanity.

AKDN An ethical Framework (IIS London)

“Islam is an all encompassing faith and it gives direction to every aspect of one’s life. It urges the individual to lead a balanced life, one that strives to accommodate both material progress and spiritual well-being. But no man, woman or child can hope to achieve this balance in sickness, illiteracy or squalor. … I, as the leader of my community, have become deeply involved in the provision of basic health and education, which I believe are crucial stepping stones towards mankind’s self-realization and growth.”

Speech by Mawlana Hazar Imam at the Luncheon Hosted by the Aga Khan Health and Education Services, Nairobi, Kenya, October 6, 1982

“The healthy human body is the temple in which the flame of the Holy Spirit burns, and thus it deserves the respect of scrupulous cleanliness and personal hygiene. Prayer is a daily necessity, a direct communication of the spark with the universal flame. Reasonable fasting for a month in every year, provided a man’s health is not impaired thereby, is an essential part of the body’s discipline, through which the body learns to renounce all impure desires.”

Sultan Muhammad Shah
The Memoirs of Aga Khan

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