Explanation of Ethics – Ethic of Governance

What are ethics?

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Ethic of Governance

Those who control and administer resources for the benefit of others are bound by the duty of trusteeship. In Shia Islam, this duty is owed to the Imam. The ethic of governance is grounded in the Muslim tradition through the principles of trust, probity, equity and accountability. For example, the scripture warns us against conspiring to defraud others. Furthermore, those in positions of trust should not compromise their obligations, particularly to the weak. Therefore, this obliges administrators of charitable foundations not only to maintain them, but also to enhance their value and maximize their output in order to sustain their charitable commitments.

AKDN An Ethical Framework (IIS London)

“The obligation to maintain the highest level of integrity in the management of donated resources and the institutions benefitting from them, is grounded in our faith. It is critical to the realization of the purposes of all gifts, to the conclusion and continuation and growth of philanthropic giving, and for the credibility in the eyes of the public. Muslim societies have the moral right to expect and demand that philanthropic donation be managed according to the highest ethical standards.”

Mawlana Hazar Imam – The Conference on Indigenous Philanthropy, Islamabad, Pakistan, October 17, 2000

So give what is due

To kindred, the needy,

And the wayfarer,

That is best for those

Who seek the Countenance

Of God, and it is they

Who will prosper.

The Holy Quran 30:38

O ye who believe!

Devour not usury

Doubled and multiplied;

But fear God: that

Ye may (really) prosper.

The Holy Quran 3:130


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