NAUROZ: A Festival of Life – by Dr Ali Shariati

Dr Ali Shariati was a renowned Islamic scholar, who taught at Sorbonne University

Nauroz is celebrated every year, and talked about each year again. Much has been said about it, and you have heard a lot in this regard. So is there no point in talking about it once again?

Of course there is! Do we not renew Nauroz each year? So let us also hear about it repeatedly as well. It is boring and even nonsense to repeat a scientific or a literary text. Wisdom rejects repetition, but sensations welcome it. Nature too, likes repetition, and the societies need it.

Nature is basically made up of repetition. A society is strengthened through repetition, sensations gain their life from it and Nauroz is a beautiful, repetitious story in which the nature, sensations and the society are all engaged, yet it never gets old or boring. Nauroz, which has for long centuries been the master and most gracious of all the national ceremonies around the world, maintains its young, strong, lively existence, because it is not an imposed, an artificial or a political ceremony.

It is the ceremony of the universe, the happiness day of earth and the birthday of the sun and the skies. The glorious day when every natural phenomenon evolves, blooms and resolutes filled with the sweet anxiety of many “startings”.

Complete at the source.


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