Nasir Khusraw’s poetry reflecting Intellect and Soul

Easy Nash, of Science and Religion in Islam: The Link, writes at his new blog post

Nasir Khusraw’s poetry reflecting Intellect and Soul in the Al Sijistani-Khusraw cosmological doctrine; link between science and religion in Islam.

In an online discussion two friends of mine quoted two poems written by Nasir Khusraw and one of the poems described, in a poetic fashion true to this cosmologist-philosopher-poet, a cosmological and philosophical doctrine that became commonly accepted during the 9th century Shiite Renaissance in the Islamic world and subsequently in the early to mid Fatimid period of the Shia Ismaili Muslims – More


This is what drives my blog: The Prophet Mohammed said that the first (and only) thing that was originated, through the Divine Command or Will, by the Absolutely Transcendent God, was Intellect (Aql). Intellect (from which all else emanates) provides ‘tayyid’ or inspiration to Natiq (Speaking Prophet, of whom there were six great ones) and Soul; Natiq composes (‘talif’) a scripture made up of words and sentences from this inspiration, and Soul composes (‘tarkib’) a universe made up of matter from this inspiration. This is what forms the basis of the link between science and religion. The compositions of Natiq and Soul are equivalent (both called ‘ayats’ or ‘signs’) and each contains Intellect wrapped within it. The Asas (Founder) interprets (‘tawil’) the compositions of the Natiq and Soul, unincorporating them to uncover Intellect in its pure glory.

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