Tune of the Divine Name

To the Tune of the Divine Name we both shall dance,
the beauty of your face has me yearning for romance.
Your whispers before dawn are like butterfly wings,
soft and delicate but what a vibrant message they bring.

Why do so many dance to the wrong tune,
when deep down they know the song will end soon?
And what then, as they stand around confused,
standing in the silence that once kept them amused.
The lights shall go out and they will be left in the dark.
A wise man told us not to ignore our divine spark.
The darkness will engulf them, as they wonder why,
did we waste time on clothes to look good the day we die?
But those who remembered the promise to their Lord,
will still meet death but only through Love’s sword.
The beloved “Zulfiqar” has pierced their soul,
and the scar that it left, became their “bol.”
They are the ones who understood the power of ‘Ali.
They are the little rivers flowing towards the sea.
To be embraced by you to the point of no return,
that is the destiny my prayers seek to earn.

Once given, the eternal word can never leave me.
How can anything from ‘Ali’s hand ever deceive me?
It shall guide me, leading my soul,
closer and closer, to my final goal.
Faithful to the word forever I shall be,
until the day I find the door for my key.

Khayal ‘Aly


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