Meeting – Liqa (Arabic)

Holy Quran refers to the inevitable, the Meeting (liqa) with God

“O thou man! Verily thou art ever toiling on towards thy Lord- painfully toiling,- but thou shalt meet Him (famulaqeehi).”

– Holy Quran 84:6

“And whoever hopeth for the meeting with his Lord (yarjoo liqaa rabbihi), let him do righteous work, and make none sharer of the worship due unto his Lord.”

– Holy Quran 18:110

“Allah it is Who raised up the heavens without visible supports, then mounted the Throne, and compelled the sun and the moon to be of service, each runneth unto an appointed term; He ordereth the course; He detaileth the Signs (al-ayati), that haply ye may be certain of the meeting (biliqa-i) with your Lord (rabbikum).”

– Holy Quran 13:2

The Vision (nazara) of the Lord on the Day of Judgment
“That day will faces be bright, looking toward their Lord (ila rabbiha naziratun);”

– Holy Quran 75:22-24

“The Day We shall summon all human beings through their Imam (bi-imamihi)… But those who were blind in this world, will be blind in the hereafter, and most astray from the Path.”

– Holy Quran 17:71-72

Blessed Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad
“He who has seen me has seen the Truth (mun ra’ani faqad ra al-haqq).”

“To gaze upon Ali is worship (al-nazar ila Ali ibada).”

Whatever of good ye give benefits your own souls, and ye shall only do so seeking the Face of God (wajhu Allahi).

– Holy Quran 2:272

Blessed be He in Whose Hand (bi-yadihi) is the Kingdom (al-mulk); and He over all things hath Power.

– Holy Quran 67:1

But I cast love upon thee from Me: and (this) in order that thou mayest be reared under My Eye (‘aynee).

– Holy Quran 20:39

Lest any soul should say: Alas, my grief that I was unmindful of the Side of God (janbi Allahi), and I was indeed among the scoffers!

– Holy Quran 39:56

And know that Allah cometh in between a man and His Heart (qalbihi), and that it is He to Whom ye shall (all) be gathered.

– Holy Quran 8:24

The Blessed Words of the Holy Imams:

” I am the encompassing heart of Allah (qalbu’llah). I am the speaking tongue of Allah (lihsanu’llah). I am the side of Allah (janbu’llah). I am the hand of Allah (yadu’llah).”

– Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib,

(Shaykh Saduq, Kitab al-Tawhid, pp. 164)

“Allah created us and formed us, and gave us the most perfect form. He made us His Eye over His Servants, and His Speaking Tongue, through which He speaks to His Servants. We are His Open Hand, extended with Mercy and Kindness to His Servants. We are His Face, through which He is reached, and the Gate which indicates upon Him. We are His Reservoir in the heavens and Earth. Through us, the trees grow and the fruits are ripened. Through us the rivers flow, and through us the succor of the skies comes down. We plant the grasses of the Earth. Through our ibadat, Allah is worshipped. If it were not for us, Allah would not be worshipped.”

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq,

(al-Kulayni, Usul al-Kafi, Vol. 1, pp. 144)


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